Top 5 hiring trends in 2020

Before we talk about the top 5 hiring trends of 2020 and as we build towards the end of the decade it is always a great time to stop and reflect on the year just gone, but just as important to look to the future and beyond. 

There is no denying that recruitment has changed over the past decade. This is due to several factors including;

  • Advancements in technology 
  • Social media 
  • Job boards
  • More options for candidates 
  • The rise of startups 

 A good question to ask is;

“What can I do in 2020 to ensure I attract the best talent for my business?”

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1. Enhance your candidate experience.

There is no doubt about it, we are living in a very candidate driven market.

With Gen Z entering the workforce and the millennials making up 50% by 2020 times have definitely changed. 

The younger generations have grown up with technology and often apply for jobs using mobile devices.

Therefore, how you go about posting job ads and what platforms you choose matter. 
So, think about how you can make it easy for jobseekers to apply.

Once you have attracted great talent, the next steps are crucial. 

87% of candidates say a recruitment experience can impact their decision to join a company, and,

83% of talent say if they have a poor experience during an interview, they are less likely to accept the role. 

If you decide that you want to offer a candidate, you need to be clear and communicate your intention as soon as possible. 

If you liked the candidate, chances are, so did other companies, so don’t procrastinate, as top talent doesn’t wait around.

2. Hire For Soft Skills

With huge change occurring and advancement in technology, skills such as; adaptability, self-awareness, communication, empathy and resilience are all skills that will be in high demand in the modern workforce. 

In today’s work environment, most companies are focusing on the importance of collaboration, therefore, hiring employees who can understand and control their own emotions, whilst being aware and empathetic towards others, is of the utmost importance. 

When employers are trying to find top talent, research shows they should start by looking at emotional intelligence. 

But how do you test for emotional intelligence? 

Here are some questions you can ask.

  • What is one of your weaknesses? How do you overcome that weakness?

  • What motivates you to do your work?

  • Describe a stressful work situation you’ve had. How did you resolve that situation?

  • Tell me about a time when you motivated someone to accomplish a task. How did you motivate him or her?

  • Why is it important to develop a rapport with your colleagues?

  • How do you build a rapport with your colleagues?

When asking these questions, you are testing for self-awareness, motivation, empathy, collaboration and resilience. 

What you are looking for is the ability to pause and reflect before they give an answer. 

Clear and concisely communicated answers, showing thought and the capability to show live examples. This indicates they are self-aware and can motivate themselves and others.


3. Building a Company Brand

In today’s competitive landscape building a trusted, exciting, and innovative company brand is crucial to attracting the best talent. 

According to insights 

75% of jobseekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying.

An attractive brand may be the difference between finding the perfect person for the role – or losing them to a competitor. 

So how can you build your company brand? 

Well as mentioned the workforce is changing and the younger generation are spending more time on social sites. Therefore, having a social media strategy is crucial. 

Here are some ideas of what you can post to boost your brand awareness;

  • Video interviews with current employees. 

  • Videos and photos of any days out or team events 

  • Blogs and articles about your company or industry

  • Share any press on all social platforms 

  • Day in the life at your company

The key is showing up consistently and using your current employees to sell your brand and company for you. 

Be clear on your WHY and know your values, vision, and mission. 

This is particularly important when posting any content and marketing material.


4. Artificial Intelligence

There is no denying that recruitment is evolving, with the use of AI being incorporated into our working lives. 

But, what does that mean for hiring? 

It’s not just recruiters that are feeling the pressure.

It is forecasted that by 2030 46% of current work activities will be automated. 

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons. 

The benefits of AI include;

  • Faster screening times – AI can filter through hundreds of applicants and shortlist the most technically skilled candidates.

  • Reduces bias in the recruitment process by focusing on skills rather than gender, age, or race.

The negatives of AI include;

  • You can’t screen for emotional intelligence and softer skills

  • It loses the human touch and can be a cold approach. 

Whether you agree with AI or not, it will continue to evolve. You can choose to run from it, or embrace it, and find ways to incorporate it into your hiring processes. 

Used in the right way AI will enhance the recruitment process and not replace humans.


5. Thinking Outside The Box

Posting job ads is great, but you will be missing out on passive candidates who may not even know your company exists, let alone that you are hiring!

Here are some ideas on how you can be different to attract the alternative talent;

  • Create video job ads and post them on social media.

  • Host networking events in your office. 

  • Go to networking and industry events to meet potential new candidates

  • Keep up with social media to boost brand awareness

  • Partner with an experienced recruiter with a larger network of candidates and talent pools

When it comes to recruiting top talent, it is a skill.

Staying ahead of the trends, embracing technology, building a great brand and focusing on softer skills all helps to ensure you hire the best people into your business.

If you would like to know more about CH Solutions, our approach and how we are keeping up with the trends, feel free to reach out.

Check out our about page and let’s make contact – About

Good luck with your hiring. Be innovative, daring and brave.


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