Utilising AI for Business and Career Growth – Full Panel Discussion with Lauren Oakes, Merryn Matthews & Belinda Agnew at the Sisterhood Social

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Today’s episode is straight from our recent Sisterhood Social Event in Melbourne. Georgie and Pam sit down with three accomplished professionals who are breaking barriers and making waves in the technology industry. Joining us are Lauren Oakes, CEO of Megaphone, Belinda Agnew, Co-Partner at Xenabler, and Merryn Matthew, Chapter Lead of Technical Delivery at 7-Eleven. In this panel discussion, we delve into their career journeys, explore the innovative strides being made in technology, and discover how you too can leverage the power of technology to excel in your career. Get ready to feel inspired and leave today’s episode filled with valuable insights and key takeaways.


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💜 Advice for people starting their careers and how to grow in your career, from Lauren Oakes, who went from Junior Accounts Manager to CEO of Megaphone, a 120+ people Digital Marketing Agency.

💜 Why don’t you need a background in Software Engineering to have a career in Technology

💜 How Belinda now leads a team of 75 people in technology despite starting her career in sales. 

💜 How is Lauren utilising AI to drive her business forward?

💜 The innovation that’s happening at 7-Eleven in technology?

💜 How can we use the future of technology for our benefit?

 Plus, so much more!


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Georgie and Pam


Connect with Lauren: LinkedIn


Connect with Merryn: LinkedIn


Connect with Belinda: LinkedIn


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