Culture Add vs. Culture Fit: Redefining Inclusion in the Workplace – Stephanie Zuniga-Maher Diversity and Inclusion Partner at Canva

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Stephanie Zuniga-Maher is an accomplished professional who is deeply passionate about fostering diversity and creating inclusive spaces. With a background in Gender Studies from Duke University, Stephanie has dedicated her career to understanding and championing diversity in the tech sector. Currently serving as the Inclusion Talent Partner at Canva, she focuses on designing and implementing targeted DE&I recruiting strategies to ensure that inclusion lies at the core of Canva’s hiring practices.

With over a decade of experience in IT recruitment, Stephanie brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to our conversation. Join us as we delve into thought-provoking discussions with Stephanie, exploring topics such as the importance of diversity in tech, addressing gender gaps, and creating inclusive workplaces that embrace authenticity. Get ready to be inspired and gain valuable insights that can help shape a more inclusive and diverse future in the tech industry.


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💜 Discover how Canva fosters a culture where employees can show up as their authentic selves without the pressure to fit in.

💜 What are the pros and cons of implementing a hybrid work model, and is it the ideal solution for maintaining culture and team morale?

💜 What are the potential consequences of women leaving the workforce due to the responsibilities and stress they face, and how can organisations support working mothers to prevent a widening gender gap?

💜 How can companies shift from focusing on “culture fit” to embracing a culture of inclusion and diversity?

💜 How can we challenge traditional gender roles and ensure equal opportunities and responsibilities in remote work settings?


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