Can You Thrive in a Tech Career Without Writing a Single Line of Code? – Merryn Matthews & Helen Skrypnyk – 7-Eleven

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Both from non-technical backgrounds, Merryn Matthews, the Chapter Lead for Technical Delivery, and Helen Skrypnyk the Technical Delivery Lead at 7-Eleven, prove that thriving tech careers are possible without a coding background.

From their incredible journeys into tech, to the empowering initiatives, like the impactful (Employee Resource) Tech W.I.S.E. group at 7-Eleven, to the importance of continuous learning and mentorship, today’s episode offers valuable insights to help you advance your career.

Discover how embracing change, staying curious, and nurturing a growth mindset can lead to personal and professional success.

🎙 In today’s podcast

💜 How to advance in your career through open-mindedness, continuous learning, and the power of engaging communities.

💜 Discover the impact of the Tech W.I.S.E. group as it empowers women in tech, helping to foster growth and representation within 7-Eleven.

💜 Explore the exciting possibilities of having a thriving career in technology without the need for coding expertise.

💜 The influence of technology on young minds and practical strategies to strike a balance and safeguard the next generation from constant digital exposure.

💜 And, of course, we dive into Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and its potential impact on our future careers and how 7-Eleven is strategically preparing for tomorrow’s technology.

🔗 Connect with Merryn – LinkedIn

🔗 Connect with Helen – LinkedIn

👯‍♀️ Sisterhood Club – Website

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