How 2 Friends are Disrupting the Online Shopping Industry – Alexis Aaron and Jodine Holli Wolman, Founders of Sortd

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“If we don’t start hustling… if we don’t start pushing! Then what is this all for?”


What started as a conversation between friends about pain points shopping online two years ago today stands as Sortd with $1.26m in Pre-Seed funding. The all-in-one platform empowers shoppers to save, compare, share and check out from thousands of e-commerce sites. 

Founded by commercial lawyer Alexis Aaron and film producer Jodine Wolman, the pair bootstrapped their idea with a loan, worked on it two days a week while juggling full-time careers, and created an MVP with 500 users. Within nine months, they have secured Pre-Seed funding, launched Sortd’s app, and are affiliated with leading retailers, including The Iconic, Farfetch, and Shopbop.


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💜 Discover how anyone, regardless of their technical background, can be involved in the tech industry and utilise their unique skill set.

💜 Learn the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive individuals who understand your journey and are willing to challenge you.

💜 What it’s like going through two funding rounds and the challenges females face.

💜 Gain insights into how having a supportive work partner or “work bestie” can be crucial to your career and business success.

💜 Get tips on overcoming negative questions and reframing them as positive ones.


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