The Human Advantage in the Age of A.I.


A Practical Guide for HR and Hiring Managers


What You'll Learn


1. The Impact of A.I. on the Workforce

Discover how A.I. can amplify your team’s potential and drive growth, all while maintaining a thriving culture.

2. Empower Success Through Strategic Up-Skilling

Discover the top 10 skills needed in the next 5 years and why not having these skills will set you back.

3. Future-Proof Your Workforce

Learn how up-skilling strategies can supercharge your employees’ capabilities, leading to 10x productivity and the secret to retention

4. A.I. and Talent Acquisition

Why we can’t only rely on A.I. and the #1 skill needed in talent acquisition.

5. Hiring Mastery

Discover why 49% of candidates decline job offers and what truly motivates them.



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About Georgie Hubbard


As an experienced Recruitment Director of CH Solutions, an IT & Digital Recruitment Agency in Australia, I have spent over a decade dedicated to my profession.

In addition to my work in recruitment, I am also the founder of Sisterhood Club, a dedicated to securing women’s place in the future of work through events, podcasts, and driving initiatives in the technology community.

I am also the host of the Career Confidence Podcast, where I share valuable insights and advice on how to navigate the professional landscape.

Through all of my work, I am deeply committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and I am driven to make a positive impact on both individuals and businesses.

Georgie Hubbard CH Solutions

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Unleash the Power of Diversity

At CH Solutions, we understand that diverse teams drive innovation and success. By joining forces with us, you actively contribute to a more inclusive workplace, promoting fresh perspectives and creative problem-solving.

Access Exceptional Talent

Our extensive network and expertise in the technology industry allow us to identify and attract top-tier talent. Whether you require skilled developers, visionary leaders, or expert engineers, we connect you with exceptional candidates who possess the right skills, experience, and cultural fit.

Fulfill Your Corporate Responsibility

By partnering with CH Solutions, you align your organisation with a meaningful cause. We are committed to increasing the presence of women in technology, fostering a more equitable industry. For every recruitment engagement, 10% of the fee is donated to Sisterhood Club, directly supporting women's empowerment initiatives.

Engage with Women in Technology

As a partner, you gain exclusive access to our renowned Sisterhood Club events. These empowering gatherings bring together industry leaders, experts, and aspiring professionals to foster connections, share insights, and promote career growth. Engage with our community, expand your network, and showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Your Brand

By partnering with CH Solutions, your organisation becomes a champion of women's empowerment and diversity in technology. We actively promote our partners through various channels, including our website, social media platforms, and podcast, "Career Confidence." Enhance your brand's visibility and reputation as an advocate for positive change.

Access a Diverse Talent Pool

By partnering with us, you gain access to a rich and diverse talent pool comprising highly skilled and talented professionals from various backgrounds. Our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion ensures that we can connect you with candidates who bring different perspectives, innovative thinking, and a broad range of skills to help drive your company's success.




10% of all our Recruitment Fees Go into Supporting Sisterhood Club – Fuelling initiatives that Empower Women in the Tech Industry


A word from our Clients

Chris Lexi
"Pam and the CH team have been an essential part of nurturing the growth of our business - in particular during the first years as a startup. Pam’s differentiator is her ability and willingness to understand our business, it’s culture and strategic direction. She has been successful in helping us achieve our own success. I would have no doubt recommending her to other firms looking to attract the right talent to their own organisation."
Christopher Carydias
Founder & Managing Director - Lexicon, an Endava Company
"In what can, at times, be a crowded tech recruitment market, Pam, Georgie, and the CH team have stood out to me from day 1, and placed a number of strategic hires into my teams. The team is highly-personable, extremely dedicated, and genuinely aware of what good talent looks like across all key tech and digital verticals. Absolutely my go-to for talent sourcing."
Stu French
Chief Digital Officer - Versent
"Pamela and the team at CH are the first people I go to when I need a difficult position filling or I have time constraints and need a contractor quickly. She's a trusted partner and has secured top talent for us across the business from Juniors to Senior Leaders. We have had some tricky requirements in the past but she is always very patient, solution-oriented and finds the right people for our business. CH Solutions is a pleasure to partner and work with, giving consistent updates and feedback on the process when needed, they're supportive and go that extra mile to get the job done to the highest standard."
Karen Johnson
Head of Talent - Unico (now part of CGI)