Hybrid Working vs. 5 Days in Office

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In today’s Career Confidence episode, we delve deep into the dynamic landscape of hybrid work versus the traditional 5-day office model, guided by the expertise of Olivia Tsen, a global leader in Development, Performance, and Inclusion at Hassell.

With a wealth of experience spanning organisational development, talent management, diversity and inclusion, and employee experience enhancement, Olivia brings a unique perspective to our conversation.

Olivia passionately describes her belief in the potential of every individual to thrive when trusted, challenged, developed, and supported. Her journey reflects her commitment to helping leaders and teams unlock their potential building new capabilities for the present and future. With a background encompassing top-tier professional service firms and collaborative partnerships with industry leaders, Olivia has honed her skills in designing and implementing world-class people and talent strategies.


🎙 In today’s podcast


💜 Navigating the Transition: Olivia shares insights on the ongoing debate between hybrid work and the traditional 5-day office setup, exploring the benefits and challenges of both.

💜 The Power of Trust: Discover how trust is pivotal in empowering employees to excel, creating an environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and innovation.

💜 Building a Learning Culture: Olivia unveils strategies for cultivating a learning culture within organisations, bridging the gap between adapting to new technologies and harnessing the power of human creativity.

💜 Diversity and Inclusion: Explore the importance of diversity, inclusion, and belonging in driving innovation and how Olivia’s advocacy for these values has led to groundbreaking achievements.

💜 Building Meaningful Connections: Discover Olivia’s insights on the significance of networking, mentorship, and cultivating relationships for career growth

💜 Defying Imposter Syndrome: Gain insights from Olivia’s advice on overcoming imposter syndrome and building confidence in your abilities

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