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5 health and wellness apps I'm using right now

In times of uncertainty and challenge, it has never been more crucial to remain positive and keep a healthy mind and body, which is why I wanted to share my top 5 health and wellness apps that I use daily  to keep me physically and mentally fit.

We have no control over what happens in the external world, but we can control how we respond at this time and what we do daily to look after our wellbeing.

The easy thing to do in times of uncertainty and challenge would be to pull back the covers and play the victim, but this will not help anyone.

One of the many things I am incredibly grateful for at this time is having access to technology. There are some fantastic health and fitness apps we can take advantage of right now to improve our mind, body and soul.

Check out my 5 apps below.

1. Insight Timer

My first health and wellness app that I use is Insight timer. A mediation app that is free to use. 

They have a wide range of guided meditations ranging from 1-60minutes in length. I am currently meditating twice a day, as soon as I wake and just before I go to sleep.

My morning meditation consists of focusing on gratitude and setting intentions for how I want to show up. My evening meditation is calming and allows me to unwind before I go to bed.

Spending time in silence with my thoughts is a powerful exercise that I have done consistently for the past three years.

Some of the benefits I have found from meditating are;

– Reduce stress

– Feel happier and more content

– More focused

– More clarity around what I want and whom I want to become.

The science now supports the power of meditation, so do yourself a favour and start meditating today.

2. Spotify

Music is powerful, which is why I have chosen to include it in my top 5 health and wellness apps.

I have two playlists that I call my “energy-boosting” and one I call my “chill” tracks.

The energy-boosting one contains 5 of my favourite upbeat songs that I know will lift my

mood immediately. These are classic cheesy songs that make me smile.

For example;

Whitney Houston “I wanna dance with somebody”

Cyndi Lauper “Girls just wanna have fun”

As soon as I hear these songs, I instantly feel uplifted and smile.

On the flip side, I have a playlist that I listen to if I am feeling a bit wound up and need to calm down.

On this playlist, I have some classical music including; “Adagio for Strings” and the beautiful piano tracks of Ludovico Einaudi.

I highly encourage you to build your own playlists and listen to them whenever you need to lift your mood or centre yourself.

3. Podcasts

best podcasts

Number #3 on the list of health and wellness apps is Podcasts.

I am a massive fan of podcasts, which is why I started my own called “The Mind to Lead” if you haven’t already, I would love you to check it out.

I listen to a podcast every day, usually when I am at the gym.

Such fantastic information from some of the smartest and most motivational people on the planet and the best thing is they are entirely free.

If you don’t listen to podcasts, be sure to check them out. Choose a category that interests you and give it a listen.

Now is a great time to consume some fantastic content from some incredible people.

4. Downdog

downdog app

This has to be one of my favourite health and wellness apps. This yoga app is fantastic, easy to use and suits all levels. I was a complete beginner a year ago and had never done yoga before.

Nowadays, it’s a different story.

I enjoy a yoga class on my balcony 5x a week thanks to down-dog. It’s such an easy form of exercise; all you need is a mat, and you are good to go.

Not only is yoga great for our bodies, but it also great for our minds. I spend 5 minutes at the end of each session in Savasana, and when I finish my session, I feel like a new woman. I highly recommend this app for anyone looking to improve their fitness and flexibility.

It is also free for new users currently.

5. Sleep Cycle

Sleepcycle Alarm Clock

The last app that I use daily to assist my health and wellness is Sleep Cycle.

I track my sleep every night to ensure I am getting enough shut-eye and keeping my rest up to keep my immune system high.

Sleep is so important, I always try and get at least 7 hours of deep sleep a night. My average is around 7h 30minutes.

The app shows your sleep patterns and defiantly keeps me accountable to ensure I am getting enough rest.

I set my alarm six days a week to go off between 4:45 am and 5:15 am. It will wake me up when I am stirring, which is a much more gentle way to wake up rather than a sharp 5 am wake up.

Give this app a try, again, it is free to use, and I have found it very beneficial for tracking my sleep.

I hope these apps benefit you as much as they do me. Remember, tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

We will get through this challenging time together and rise even stronger at the end.

Be sure to check out some of our articles below, or head over to The Mind to Lead to download some fantastic podcasts.

With love and gratitude

Georgie Hubbard

Director of Innovation and Growth

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