We Believe Everyone Should Come To Work Everyday Feeling

Part of an Inclusive Team

We Believe Everyone Should Come To Work Everyday Feeling

Part of an Inclusive Team

CH Solutions was founded with a mission to ensure our clients hire and retain the best talent. We believe a company is only as good as its people, which is why it is so crucial to get the hiring piece right

Everyone deserves to come to work every day with purpose and passion; people should feel valued, trusted and part of an inclusive team

We are passionate about promoting business cultures that empower people to speak up, share ideas and ultimately, innovate.


CH Solutions is a boutique IT and Digital recruitment firm offering both permanent and contract talent solutions. We also have our CH Executive Search division, dedicated to identifying unique leaders who can release your organisation’s full potential. Our core mission across both divisions is to source and deliver exceptional talent for our partners with a strong focus on the human element required when coaching people through a transition in their careers. Holding this at the centre of every action we take has contributed to laying the foundations for our success.

By investing in the latest technology, we ensure full market coverage when sourcing your IT and Digital talent. Our innovative search process offers unrivalled access to both active and passive candidate pools. This ensures we are uniquely positioned to help identify and attract professionals across the technology, digital and executive search landscapes.

We strive to build strong and lasting relationships with every candidate and client. We understand that every business and individual has different drivers, goals and requirements. We partner with you and devise talent management strategies, ensuring we can take your brand to market and attract people with the necessary skills to take your team into the future.

Trust us to build your team. 

Let’s partner to get the right talent in place to drive your businesses forward.

Talent acquisition, talent recruitment, and talent retention have entered a new era and become a priority for every business.

We understand the needs of a hiring manager will evolve.

This is why our partnership approach works to offer a high touch, high-quality experience. Close collaboration with hiring managers is critical to the success of any go-to-market strategy; this begins with a deep dive discussion to ensure clarity on where specific cultural and talent gaps lie.

CH Solutions we know the market

We Know the Market

We don’t advertise. Why not? Because you can do that. You engage us for our expertise, our knowledge of the market and our search and headhunting capabilities.

CH Solutions we know people

We Know People

We are experts when it comes to establishing what drives people. To eliminate the risk of a wrong hire, we strive to build relationships with candidates and get to the core of their motivations. We understand the importance of aligning personality traits with relevant experience to ensure they are certain to thrive in your business.

We Deliver Results

Every client we work with has partnered with us on multiple occasions. Our reputation for delivering the right talent for your business, coupled with our ability to offer an industry-leading candidate experience leaves us placed as the talent partner you will want taking your brand to market. Regardless of the transformation that lies ahead for your business, we will help you address key business needs and identify the right talent needed. Every time.

CH Solutions is industry agnostic. We have the experience and network to deliver across all facets of technology and digital requirements.

We have a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from small to mid-sized enterprises, to larger national brands and government institutions.

We also have a passion for seeing the start-up community thrive and have successfully delivered tech teams, laying the foundations for start-ups to scale. 


Our CH Talent Solutions Team has a passion for attracting the best talent and connecting them with the best contract and permanent opportunities. The markets we successfully deliver into encompasses the following:  

Software Development (all technology stacks)

Infrastructure, Cloud and DevOps

Project Services (Project Managers, Business Analysts, Change Managers)

Product Management


Data and Business Intelligence

Testing User Experience / User Interface / Customer Experience

Social Media Specialist

Digital (Designers, Developers, Business Analysts, Producers)


CH Executive Search works with you as a cohesive unit to accomplish a common goal. Our Executive Search function is composed of Talent Managers who understand the core fundamentals required to complete a successful search and ensure the best service for our clients. We can be retained to search for the following positions:

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

General Manager (GM)


Heads of (Technology, Engineering, Digital)

We operate in a unique way to establish a personal network and uncover executives who are not necessarily in the market. We engage at a certain level to properly represent your business and define your corporate strategy. This ensures our executive search is identifying and attracting unique leaders to fit with your vision for the future.


Hiring a new executive or senior manager can be a sensitive matter. We help to keep your search confidential until you are ready to announce the change internally.


Executives are key hires. They have a significant impact on the future of your company. We understand it is challenging to recover from poor leadership selection at this level. Let us utilise our market knowledge and take the time and required tenacity to complete your next executive search.