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Today is World Mental Health Day and something we are incredibly passionate about here at CH Solutions. 

Did you know that 1 IN 5 AUSTRALIANS are affected by mental illness (and that figure could be much higher), yet many don’t seek help because of stigma? 

Mental illness is also costing Australian businesses $13b a year, according to new research from the Shared Value Project.


A business will improve productivity by dealing more proactively with the issue.


1. Promote a healthy work-life 


Acknowledging employees who work late and arrive early, and expecting them to work from home in the evenings can hurt your company in the long run, Without healthy work-life balance employees are more likely to burn out. Encourage employees to take regular breaks and holidays.


2. Leaders lead


Don’t be afraid to discuss mental health. Make it clear that everyone battles with mental health issues from time to time. 

Warning signs to look out for: 

  • Any changes in their usual behaviour.
  • They become quiet or withdrawn.
  • The employee has a random emotional outburst.
  • The employee takes extended time off work.or is calling in sick more often.

3. Provide in-house training and workshops


Hiring external companies to provide workshops can go a long way to preventing problems. It will encourage your team to build healthy habits into their daily lives. These services could save vast amounts of money in the long term while helping people achieve their highest potential.

Please check out for more information about what CH Solutions will be offering.


4. Show gratitude and recognition


Being recognised for good work feels fantastic, not only to the person receiving it but from the person who gives it. Showing gratitude has a direct impact on our happiness. Creating a culture that gives out recognition reduces stress and builds stronger bonds within your company.


5. Encourage physical exercise


Exercise has scientifically proven to combat conditions like anxiety and depression. However, 80% of adults don’t get their daily recommended amount of activity. Employers can encourage employees to go for a walk during their breaks, offer in-house classes or subsidise gym memberships. Promoting healthy movement is a positive way to boost mental health and improve productivity in the workplace.

At CH Solutions, we are passionate about peoples mental health and wellbeing and look to partner with companies who share our values. 

Let’s create a healthy and productive workforce together.

We can all do something positive to help shed light on mental health.

Achieve your highest potential.


Kyle Hubbard