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We procure and develop exceptional talent for exceptional companies

Georgie Hubbard


Georgie has 8 years working as a recruitment consultant specialising in development, UX/UI, Digital Design and account management. Over the years Georgie has assisted many small, medium and enterprise business grow their workforce and scale up quickly!

She knows speed is essential when it comes to attracting top talent. Working in a competitive market Georgie prides herself on building trusted relationships with clients and candidates. Georgie always goes above and beyond to ensure the best talent is matched with the right businesses. She does this through passion and care for her client’s needs, and listening to her candidate’s motivations. Due to her drive and determination to make a difference in the recruitment world she launched CH Solutions to help businesses grow their workforce with the best talent Australia wide. 

Pam Caldwell


Pam started recruiting in IT in 2006 in a world before LinkedIn went global. Can you imagine? Recruitment has evolved since then and it is more important than ever to utilise all tools at your disposal to get your hiring right the first time.

We know all too well the cost of a ‘bad hire’ and working with Pam will give you access to a true consultative style which gives advice at each stage of the hiring lifecycle to strategically eliminate risk where possible, every time. From working with the worlds largest investment banks to SME’s across the Globe, three common themes remain prevalent when it comes to growing your workforce: Time, Quality, Cost.

Pam will partner with you to ensure you analyse and prioritise these key factors in the correct order. Pam believes building long-term client relationships is key to the success of the best Recruitment Consultants in the market and prides herself on partnering with a business and its people to get to the core of its culture and needs. Every business is different and unique and Pam goes above and beyond to understand your ‘why’. CH Recruitment was founded with a passion for making a difference in the world of recruitment.

Watching our people grow and develop their career with a business we have partnered with is truly rewarding. The foundations of our business will always remain the same: honest, consultative, passionate and innovative.

Kyle Hubbard

Senior Consultant

Kyle has a skill at identifying the right candidate for your business. He prides himself on having exceptional communication and personable skills. He loves to work closely with both his clients and candidates to ensure exceptional companies are built with exceptional talent.

“I love to fail. But when I do, I learn and grow from my mistakes.”

In his spare time he loves teaching group fitness programs including Les Mills RPM and Sprint. In October 2016 he instructed on the Masterclass of Bodyattack 96 and RPM 74, an educational video that goes worldwide to over 20,000 instructors.

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn #beyourawesome

Emma de Vos

Senior Candidate Manager

Emma studied HRM (Human Resource Management) at university and she was excited to kick start her career in one the most fast-paced, competitive and influential disciplines – that being recruitment.

It’s a discipline which not only has enabled Emma to enhance her hard skills, but it has also allowed her to have a great sense of power through continuous EI development.

The fulfilment Emma receives being able to contribute to a pivotal moment in one’s life is beyond anything else, working closely with her candidates to secure them their next exciting venture she says “really is something special.”

Emma looks forward to seeing her team every day. “We’re a small, driven team who like to succeed. The chats we have, and the laughs we share are what keep us grounded in such a fast-paced, competitive industry.”

The majority of Emma’s childhood was spent on the road. Emma’s family are avid travellers meaning she spent most of her early days living out of a swag. Emma’s fondest memories include camping in remote bushland, on snowy mountain tops and the rural desert. An experience which has shaped who she is today.

Britney Kidd

Candidate Manager

Britney studied Psychology at University. She always enjoyed the Organisational Psychology subjects because she was able to interact with people. Britney gets excited about helping other people find the perfect role for them. 

Britney gets excited speaking to new people every day and of course… seeing Ted our CHO!

Britney moved around a lot when she was younger, having lived in three different countries and going to seven different schools. Although more settled now, Britney still loves to travel!  

Zac Fischer

Candidate Manager

Zac’s main driver in life is his passion for connecting, helping, and laughing with people. Having this realisation began his journey towards a career where he could best use this passion which, naturally lead him to recruitment.

It excites him that everyday he has an opportunity to simultaneously learn and grow, provide great opportunities to others, and ultimately support his beautiful family.

Zac is a Denver Broncos (NFL) fanatic! He even runs a Denver Broncos Down-under fan group, he cried tears of joy when the Broncos won the Superbowl in 2015.  


CHO - Chief Happiness Officer

Ted loves coming into the office every day. He loves meetings but they are tiresome, so you’ll often find him asleep in his bed throughout the day.

Ted puts a huge smile on everyones face and he’s there to greet you every time you walk into the office.

Ted also loves carrots.

CH Solutions was founded through a passion to procure and develop exceptional talent for exceptional companies.

We love what we do and seeing our placements evolve with a business is what makes us tick.

We are all too aware that the IT marketplace is ever-growing and incredibly competitive.

By partnering with us, we will get to the root of your business needs enabling us to match the best talent to expand your workforce.

With 20 years of recruitment experience, we know what it takes to eliminate the pain points that can come with growing a team.

We look beyond your hiring needs and dive deeper into your company structure and the all-important culture, to guarantee a successful union for both client and candidate.

Our philosophy is simple: We accelerate business potential