Reduce Stress at Work with Meditation

People encounter stress everyday at work and while some are usually able to cope

with stress, sometimes the burden can simply become too much that people break down because of it.

Let’s look at the science of stress:

In the “General Adaptation Syndrome” model designed by Hans Selye, he identifies three stages that people undergo when stressed.

During the first stage, the body goes on a state of alarm at the realisation of a threat. In this stage, cortisol is released by the body.

The second stage is where the body becomes unable to cope with the strain until its resources are depleted.

Finally, the third stage, the body breaks down which include the exhaustion of the immune system. Because of this, the body is unable to fight of sicknesses which then expose the person to illnesses.

How Meditation Helps Reduce Stress

Meditation is one method which can help reduce the stress levels of a person. By calming the mind and giving the person a sense of control over things, the things that are considered threats (the things which cause stress) become easier to manage.

But the reduction of stress isn’t the end of the exercise. Since stress can make people prone to illnesses, reducing stress can help in keeping the person healthy.

The practice of meditation, therefore, can result in improved health and resistance to illnesses.

So the next time you feel stressed out, try to calm yourself down by practicing meditation. While your problems won’t exactly go away, you will at least become mentally prepared to face them.

There are some fantastic apps that you can use to help with your meditation practice including “Headspace” “Calm” and “Insight Timer”.

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